Toshiba XM-5602B

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The Toshiba XM-5602B is a CD-ROM drive, announced 1996-04-15.



  • CD-ROM disk access via Windows for Workgroups 3.11 with 32-bit Disk Access enabled and the driver running will result in a blue screen warning about WDCTRL accessing the disk in a way that is not compatible with 32-bit Disk Access, followed by a crash.

Press release

Toshiba Corporation today announced the worldwide introduction of an 8-time rotational speed CD-ROM drive whose data transfer rate of 1,200 kilobytes (KB) a second brings a new level of CD-ROM drive performance to desk-top personal computers.

As the large data-storage medium of choice for PCs, CD-ROM drive has become a major market, one expected to grow some 30% to over 40 million units worldwide in FY 1996. The market trend is for a rapid shift from 4-time drives to 6-time drives and beyond. Toshiba, a recognized innovator and market leader in CD-ROM drives, is supporting this transition with its new 8-time rotational speed CD-ROM drive.

The new drive, XM-5602B, achieves an average random seek time of only 130 milliseconds and a random access time of only 145 milliseconds. This high level of performance results from accelerating operation of the digital signal processor used for digital servo control, from improvement of error correction capabilities, and from an improved pick-up head and motor designed to support high speed data access. The result is stable data reads even at 8-time rotational speed.

XM-5602B also incorporates Toshiba's proven performance-improving digital servo system and variable speed playback, which starts to read data before the disc speed reaches any standard rotational rate. The power-saving capabilities of these technologies give the XM-5602B an average power consumption of only 4.8W.

The new drive incorporates an ATAPI interface and supports both PIO (Programmed Input Output) mode and DMA (Direct Memory Access) mode for burst data transfer. The latter cuts the burden on the main CPU bus and helps realize a data transfer rate of 13.3 megabytes per second.

Shipment of XM-5602B will start from today. Samples are priced at 60,000 yen in Japan.

Model Name
XM-5602B Built-in 5.25-inch half-height CD-ROM Drive
Applicable Disc format
CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, CD-I Ready, CD-I Bridge (Photo CD, Video CD), Multisession (Photo CD, CD EXTRA), CD-G
MPC-3 Spec.
Access time (8x mode)
Random access: 145ms, Random seek: 130ms, Full stroke access: 230ms
Data transfer rate
Sustained mode: 1,200KB/s, Burst mode: 11.1MB/s (PIO), 13.3MB/s (DMA)
Transfer mode
PIO MODE-3; DMA Single word Mode-2, Multiple word Mode-1 CD-DA, Subcode P, Q, R-W transfer through ATAPI
Error correction
Mode-1 EDC/ECC built-in, MODE-2 CD-ROM XA Form-1 EDC/ECC, Form-2 EDC built-in
Buffer memory
Anti-contamination structure
Sealed enclosure
Mounting orientation
Horizontal: + or -20 degree, Vertical: + or -10 degree
Power consumption
4.8W (Average), 5.6W (Maximum)
Disc loading
Tray type electrical load/eject
Audio output
Headphone output (front)/Line out and digital out (rear)
Power supply
DC 5V/12V
41.5(H) x 146(W) x 190(D)mm