Pre-Release Mac OS X

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The pre-release versions of Mac OS X are, in my classification, post-NeXTSTEP but pre-Cheetah.


Haven't had a successful boot with DR1 and DR2 yet. All my Macs are either too new or too old for the setup application to work.

Mac OS X Server

I've only tried 1.2 v3.

Installation Notes

  • Creating the partitions in the installer can take several minutes on a several-gigabyte hard disk because the installer will create an insane number of superblock backups. If you want to see progress, setenv boot-args -v in Open Firmware before running the installer and watch the block numbers fly by in the console.
  • Copying the Blue Box startup disk file will take a few minutes. If you suspect the installer has gotten stuck, try reinstalling with the compatibility environment unchecked.

General Notes

  • (applies to Mac OS X Server through Public Beta; Cheetah is OK) Plugging in a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse USB adapter or booting with one inserted will immediately kernel panic the system.

Verified Working

Mac OS X Developer Previews

Mac OS X Public Beta