Modern web browsing on Windows XP

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Despite the TLS apocalypse, it is still possible to download a modern web browser from a stock Windows XP installation (i.e. with Internet Explorer 6) without the assistance of another computer that supports TLS 1.2.


  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Access Mozilla's FTP server at (supports plain HTTP, too)
  3. Navigate to /pub/firefox/releases/52.9.0esr/win32
  4. Select the appropriate locale, such as en-US
  5. Download and run the installer

Then, once you have installed Firefox 52.9.0esr, install uBlock Origin using the "legacy" XUL build from the source code repository hosted on GitHub. Make sure that you follow the steps listed there, especially the ones regarding disabling extension signing.

Known Issues

  • Firefox Accounts doesn't work at all.
  • GitLab's scripts fail to load.