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After a year, Copland has no longer beaten me.

Copland D7E1

Haven't tested it yet.

Copland D9 "Tools Edition"

On the Power Macintosh 7100/66, at least, the CD isn't bootable. My System 7.5 CD isn't bootable either. So, I perform a somewhat modified setup procedure.

  1. Boot from the Mac OS 8.1 Disk Tools floppy (System Software 8.1DT3)
  2. Create the two HFS partitions with Drive Setup Lite
  3. Insert the Copland D9 CD
  4. Install System 7.5 to the first partition using the Copland CD's copy
  5. Create the No Copland Mount file on the first partition
  6. Proceed as normal from there

When I boot into Copland, I get a "Failed to find main GDevice." error that I can't get past. Kickaha says my inclination that it could be related to the DB-15 adapter might be true:

All the drawing in Color QuickDraw is done through GDevice objects. If things are going correctly, the system finds all the displays, creates a GDevice for each, puts them in a list, and marks one as "current". If something goes tragically wrong, then the GDevice list will be empty or wrongly formatted. Then when a program (or even the rest of the OS) wants to start drawing, tragedy will ensue.

Gory programmer-level details at

So yes, it could be that Copland doesn't understand what to do with your VGA adapter and isn't creating a proper GDevice for it.

Copland D11E4

Also using the 7100/66 for this. The CD I am using is also not bootable, so I'm doing the following:

  1. Copy the Copland CD's version of Drive Setup to a floppy
  2. Boot from the 7.1.2 install CD
  3. Run Drive Setup from the floppy
  4. Create one HFS partition with Mac OS 8 support
  5. Install System 7.5 through a CD
  6. Run the install script as stated in the documentation

It boots, but it hangs shortly after reaching the desktop unless a debugging machine is connected. I am using a PowerBook 5300c for this. I recommend disabling the automatic breakpoints on DebugStr and code load. Use Control -> Propagate Exception if an application crashes. If an application gets in a loop, it seems like you are out of luck.

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