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Wednesday is the new Tuesday

The Dell Latitude XPi P90ST has a mind of its own.




  • Have fun trying to power on the laptop when it has been powered off for a while. Try flicking the power switch 50 times in a row while applying pressure to the corner of the laptop and it might turn on. After that, though, it'll turn on and off no problem for a while.
  • Unless you update to BIOS version A11, 1999-12-31 is a Friday, but 2000-01-01 is a Sunday. This means every date in this millennium has its day of the week advanced by one.
  • The firmware setup interface can be entered at any time, even after the computer has booted.
  • Sometimes, it's possible to see a stuck green pixel in the top left quadrant of the display.
  • There is no Windows key on the keyboard.
  • If a PS/2 mouse is connected, the trackball and integrated mouse buttons are always nonfunctional. This is in contrast to the CP series where the touchpad is usable after not using the PS/2 mouse for a few seconds.


  • 2021-07-01: The computer arrives at my apartment from the eBay seller.
  • 2021-07-01: ⚠️ With a knife in one hand and incredibility that I'm even doing this in the other, excess plastic inside the charger receptacle is whittled away. This is done just enough so the charger plug can fit.
  • 2021-07-05: 📈 The BIOS is upgraded from version A07 to A10.
  • 2022-05-27: 📈 The BIOS is upgraded from version A10 to A11.
  • 2023-07-19: The computer is temporarily transported back to my parents' place.
  • 2023-09-18: The computer is transported to the new home.